Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Celestial Cat and Pug Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Celestial Cat and Pug Art Gallery, Sacramento, California
Private, by appointment only. Please call: 916-641-7696
On Dealynn Way midway between Sierra Oaks and Arden Oaks off Hurley Way
Also functions as an art museum and art club
Sculpture, acrylic paintings, mosaics, famous mosaic eggs, castles, toys, and writing. World class collection of Fine Art. Housed in a lovely tin shed about a block and a half East of Howe Avenue.

Showing the work of artist/writer/explorer, Farrell Hamann
"Unique collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum
Kid and dog friendly and you can drive right up to the front door!

Farrell Hamann, Director

Mia the pug dog (in charge of marketing)

The Exalted one (formerly Old Butthairs)

Famous mosaic eggs

Interior detail image of 25 room, museum quality castle sculpture
Lovely spring meadow along the nearby American River Parkway. 


The gallery museum is a must see in Northern California. The artwork began in Santa Barbara, California and ended here in Sacramento. It is a great place to bring a bored CEO, tycoon, or simply kids, dogs, and art lovers. You will be thrilled.  There is a very fancy restaurant just down the street, The Kitchen (no sign) if you are a high roller or you could go for a walk along the American River Parkway. (beware of mountain lions). Cal-Expo is just a few blocks away to the West. 

Little Bio:

Born in Michigan, lived in NYC, Vermont, Alaska, Paris, France, Santa Barbara, CA. Had writer's file with The Tonight Show. Author, artist. Dad of two successful daughters. Worked on ships in Alaska and Wall Street in NYC. Loves electric scooters, aviation, pets, sculpture...
Gored by bull, chased by Kodiak brown bear, fell in a crevasse, and slapped by a Guru (Guru thought it was funny)

Again, here is the phone number: 916-641-7696
Available as an art and writing consultant 

Nice place to stop on your way to or from Lake Tahoe 

World's largest trolling motor. Heh Heh 

The Rachel Maddow Show

 Celtic Cross

Artist Farrell Hamann after reading his fan letter from Ann Thrax

 Homemade boxer shorts by artist. High thread count recycled cotton

For the girls: artsy nail wraps. My daughter the beauty expert likes these people and their product. Please support: http://www.wrapartistnails.com/

 Taterbug Hamann and Dave. Sweetest love video of all time!

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